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Gruffalo & Zog: Live in Concert 

27th October 2019

Birmingham Symphony Hall, United Kingdom


I have been down to our land-partners in the south quite a few times this year for different projects but this was by far one of my favourite performances. This was to perform with the Southbank Sinfonia at the Gruffalo & Zog: Live in Concert. 

"Featured on BBC over Christmas 2018 and based on the much-loved children’s books written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, Symphony Hall presented the world premiere live concert performance of the wonderful animations, Zog followed by a performance of The Gruffalo, as Terry Davies conducts René Aubry’s inspired scores."


During the performance my motifs - immitating the sound of the Northumbrian pipes - represented Zog, the lively but unfortunate dragon who just wanted to earn a gold star. Throughout the rest of the pieces I was playing the Irish whistles. 


Performing a live soundtrack to a film is by no means a simple process. The conductor has to have almost 100% for the orchestra to provide the music seamlessly. As for the soloists, there is a very tight boundary to how expressive the melodies can be. Musically moving within a certain boundary is how I could best explain it. I suppose that's why I adore these types of performances. Challenging yet rewarding.

On the 19th of January I was fortunate enough to play in the World Premiere of Brave: Live in Concert as part of the Celtic Connections Festival 2019 in association with Disney Concerts, Air-Edel and Stream Scotland. This was my debut introduction to performing with a live orchestra to film and is what I would regard as one of the main highlights of my year. 

TWENTY-Ninth October 2019

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo - Sydney 

11th-21st October 2019

ANZ Stadium, Sydney


This October has been quite a busy one filled with lots of new musical experiences for me. One of which was getting the opportunity to head out to Sydney with The Pipers' Trail and The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo to perform at the largest tattoo ever staged at the ANZ Olympic Stadium.


With a cast of over 1,500 from all across the globe, it was one of the most spectacular amalgamations of culture that I have ever been a part of. The acts included; 320 Pipes and Drums, 100 Highland Dancers, 13 Military Bands with 865 Military performers, 40 Scottish Fiddlers, a 100 strong Australian Federation Guard and much, much more.


I would like to thank the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Pipers' Trail for the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious and highly respected event.




TWENTY-SECOND October 2019

Reduced Plastic Touring


Over the next couple of months I have calculated that my

total flight footprint = 5.64 metric tons of CO2e. This is due to the majority of travelling/touring being done through flying, which is understandable due to it often being the quickest and potentially cheapeest option.

However, it is doing increasingly damage to the environment. 


That is why I have decided to try reduced plastic touring. It is as simple as taking a water bottle to refill instead of purchasing a new one at every terminal shop. 


Here are a few of the products that I have been - using with the environment (and turtles) in mind; 


1. Shampoo , Conditioner & Soap bars - Lush 
2. Plastic free teabags by Clippers - ASDA

3. Bamboo Toothbrush by Humble Brush - Boots

4. Bamboo cotton swabs - ASDA

5. Toothy Tabs & Mouthwash Tabs - Lush (Toothpaste alternative)

6. Portable blender by Blendjet - Online (Smoothie making alternative) 


For more ways to be environmentally conscious and reduce the amount of plastic waste in your daily life please click the "MORE INFO" button.




Eleventh October 2019

Celtic Connections 2020

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Celtic Connections.png

"A Celebration of Women in Piping" with Louise Mulcahy, Máire Ní Ghráda, Sheila Friel, Marion McCarthy, Alana MacInnes, Robyn Ada McKay and Enora Morice.

"A Celebration of Women in Piping" - Celtic Connections
19th Jan 2020

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Strathclyde Suite


"Building on Limerick-born uilleann piper Louise Mulcahy’s extensive research into her female forebears on the instrument, this special collaborative show comprehensively demolishes macho bagpipe stereotypes, with an all-women line-up representing diverse traditions and territories. Also on the Irish side, Mulcahy is joined by Cork native Máire Ní Ghráda, with Glasgow’s Sheila Friel (of Friel Sisters fame) and Londoner Marion McCarthy representing the wider diaspora. From South Uist, Alana MacInnes plays both Highland pipes and smallpipes, while fellow Scot Robyn Ada McKay draws on Cape Breton and Irish as well as home-grown influences. Completing the line-up, Breton-born Enora Morice is an award-winning member of Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band."



SECOND October 2019

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